Published at 12:08AM on the 19th of December, 2014 | Author: Timothy Harding

Timelapse Work Continues

My K7 is still kicking it, but barely. It's up to about 64,000 clicks, and every so often now it decides to write a corrupt image to the SD card. After I reached 50k clicks it occurs around 1 out of a thousand exposures. While annoying, this shouldn’t be an issue in normal day-to-day operation, but with timelapse work and the Pentax K7’s unique way of dealing with corrupt images, it becomes equal parts infuriating and heartbreaking.

it is an image

When the K7 encounters an error writing an image, it will throw up “Unable to store Image”. Losing one image during a timelapse isn’t the end of the world, as with some Photoshop or Aftereffects work, one can interpolate the missing frame(s).

it is an image

It is what happens after that message appears, every additional image will also fail to write until the offending and corrupt image is removed. You can trick the eye into watching one, or at most, three interpolated frames, but after that it starts to become noticeable without a lot of work. If you are taking photos every four seconds (for example), you’ve only got about eight seconds to recognize the fault, delete the image, and start the intervalometer back up again. I’ve never been able to do this in practice, so I usually just hope that the awesome action came before, and not after the error.

it is an image

Sadly, on a recent outing, my K7 decided to record a corrupt image right at the best part of the sunset. There were some undefined clouds the sun hid behind just minutes after this photo. The put a really cool set of lines across the magenta of the sun, but you’ll have to take my word for it, my K7 was busy telling no one how it couldn’t record anything every four seconds. Anyway, here is my most recent timelapse work, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading :)

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