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Splintercell meets XCOM?

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(With also a hint of Deus Ex) I didn’t know this itch existed for most of my life. I missed out on the original XCOM, I wasn’t much of a PC gamer back in the early 90s, but when I got a hold of XCOM – Enemy Within, I did not put it down until I finished it. It seems that I may have an addictive personality lingering somewhere inside, because I would literally play every moment I could and fantasize about my next actions when I couldn't. When I finally beat it I uninstalled it promptly so I could get back on with my life. I've recently found another addiction:

Klei, the makers of the fantastic 2D stealth action Mark of the Ninja and the hilariously grim survival horror game Don’t Starve, are back again for a Steam Early Access title called Invisible Inc. It combines corporate espionage with turn based tactics to create an unforgiving competition between you and the rent-a-cops that populate a single floor of an 80s vibe headquarters of some no name company (Run-on alert). Each mission is completely procedurally generated and Klei seem to take pride in showing each level can be completed. I’ve seen forum conversations where users will claim no access to an exit only to be proven wrong when Klei analyzes the map their generator created.

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Klei is updating this game at a decent clip, putting out a new update every two or three weeks providing new missions, new playable characters, and new weapons and gizmos to help your operatives through their maze of beige corridors. They’ve stated in a recent post that they will be finishing up the fast paced updates in February to work on the final release slated for spring of 2015. The game is more than playable in its current state and I’ve sunk more than 30 hours into thus far. My only complaint is that the missions can become a bit easy/repetitive once you've decked out your characters with the best kit, augmentations, and upgrades, but that doesn't seem fair, as many or most games will become repetitive after 30 hours.

If any developer's happen upon this, here are the few things that would be awesome to see:

Invisible HQ. I’d like a safe house to upgrade between missions, a staff to chat with at watercoolers, and maybe a boss to yell at me for what I did wrong on the last mission.

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Multiple entry points and recon information for missions. Right now you are spawned in simple room or elevator with no idea what the floor layout is or what kinds of obstacles you will face (other than a vague security rating). This makes sense at the beginning, but over time it would be good to have intel and multiple entry points for maps so you can tailor your approach to your strengths, or tailor your strengths to the missions.

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Multi story maps. It would be awesome use a grappling hook like batman to fly up to a balcony from the lobby, push guards down stairs, jump up and down floors with appropriate augmentations, destroy a glass floor tile under a guard's feet, or use zip lines/parachutes to exit facilities and end the level.

In its current form, the game is already excellent. I highly suggest picking it up and giving it a whirl at least every time they update it. Also! Here is a great series of let’s play for the most recent version as of this post:

Thanks for reading :)
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