Published at 9:34PM on the 21st of August, 2011 | Author: Timothy Harding

What a dumb thing I did

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The Pentax K7 is an amazing camera. For all of its quirks, some especially dubious, it has been a great upgrade from my K10D. I didn't want to go all out on a K5, as the used market for those is lacking, and new would have been too expensive. Combined with my new lens, with its not-good-at-anything-but-has-everything, it will be a great weather proof addition to my growing arsenal of technology I plan to bring with me abroad.

About 700 photos in, I became curious when the battery was still showing full. Pentax's have always overstated their current battery life a bit, so I wasn't too worried. After shoots, I will usually plug the battery in no matter what the strength displays. The new charger lights up green, when-charging, while the K10D's charger lights up red. I was very confused, as I assumed a solid green light meant the battery was charged. So I programed the camera to take 100 photos to drain the battery.

That didn't work.

So I programed it to take another 100

Still no change.

I thought "humph, why not use the flash?" Big mistake. Even with lengthening the interval from 1 second to 5 seconds, this duty cycle created too much heat for the little onboard flash to dissipate. The result:

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Ugh. So let it be known to the internet, that K7 interval shooting with flash has at least three true things:

1. It has no warnings about melting
2. It has no temperature sensor for overheating
3. It kills a battery like a charm

So with those truths uncovered, I set out to get my brand new-to-me K7 fixed. Sadly there were no places in town that could do the work local, all will send out to a repair shop. To add insult to injury, most charged a 50-100 dollar assessment fee, and required at least 4-6 weeks. Pentax's own repair shop advertised a whopping 10 weeks. I can't be without my camera that long just before my trip, so I decided to fix it myself. This is what a little silicon, a razor blade, and a Canon Powershot SD880 can do:

it is an image

How does the Canon camera come into play you ask? As the support for the drying Pentax of course!

it is an image

Well, hopefully this holds. I wanted a weather proof camera, melting the diffuser and gasket kind of ruins that. Time will tell, and thanks for reading :)
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